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Buy Lasix (Furosemide)

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Buy Lasix

Lasix is a highly effective FDA approved medication for the treatment of excessive edema (fluid retention) due to kidney disorder (nephrotic syndrome), heart failure, cirrhosis and liver disease. It is also used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension). Lasix works by regulating the way in which the body absorbs salts.

Other names for this medication:
Aldalix, Anfuramide, Ansemid, Apix, Apo-furosemida, Asax, Betasemid, Diaqua-2, Foliront, Salix®, Frusenex, Frusemide, Furantral, Furesis, Furetic, Furide, Furocot, Furovet, Furoxem, Furozenol, Fursemid, Furtenk, Fusix, Hoe 058, Inclens, Intermed, Jufurix, Las 6873, Lasilacton, Lasilactone, Lasiletten, Lasilix, Lo-Aqua, Vesix

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Also known as:  Furosemide.


Lasix prevents excessive edema (fluid retention) in people with kidney disorder (nephrotic syndrome), heart failure, cirrhosis and liver disease. It is also used for the treatment of high blood pressure (hypertension), high levels of potassium (hyperkalemia), calcium (hypercalcemia), and magnesium (hypermagnesemia).

The active component, Furosemide, is a potent loop diuretic (water pill) that eliminates water and salt from the body. Furosemide works by blocking the absorption of sodium, chloride, and water from the filtered fluid in the kidney tubules, causing a profound increase in the output of urine (diuresis).

Lasix starts to act within one hour after oral administration, and the effect lasts for about 6-8 hours.


Lasix is available in tablets which should be taken orally with a full glass of water.

The dosage of Lasix depends on the body weight and on the health status of the recipient.

Take Lasix at the same time once a day.

Do not take more than your recommended dose, as high doses of furosemide may cause irreversible hearing loss.

Do not crush or chew the tablet.

To achieve the most effective results, do not stop taking Lasix suddenly.


In case of a Lasix overdose visit your doctor or health care provider immediately. Symptoms of a Lasix overdose include fainting, tinnitus, confusion, weakness, lightheadedness, lack of appetite.


Store at room temperature between 15 and 30 degrees C (59 and 86 degrees F) away from moisture, light and heat. Throw away any unused medicine after the expiration date. Keep out of the reach of children.

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Side effects

Neonatal pelvic ectasia. Plasmodium falciparum-activated chloride channels are defective in erythrocytes from cystic fibrosis patients. The response of chloride transport to cyclic AMP, calcium and hypotonic shock in normal and cystic fibrosis fibroblasts. Endothelin stimulates chloride secretion across canine tracheal epithelium. Buy lasix.


Do not take Lasix if you are allergic to any of its components or if you are unable to urinate.

Do not take Lasix if you are pregnant, plan to have a baby, or you are breastfeeding.

Do not take Lasix if you suffer from or have a history of kidney disease, cirrhosis or other liver disease, gout, lupus or diabetes.

Do not take Lasix if you suffer from enlarged prostate, bladder obstruction or other urination problems, or an electrolyte imbalance (such as low levels of potassium or magnesium in your blood).

Do not take Lasix if you suffer from high cholesterol or triglycerides (a type of fat in the blood).

Use Lasix with care if you are taking indomethacin (such as Indocin); steroids (such as prednisone); diabetes medicines; diet pills; sucralfate (such as Carafate); netilmicin (such as Netromycin); amikacin (such as Amikin); streptomycin; tobramycin (such as Nebcin, Tobi); gentamicin (such as Garamycin); digoxin (such as Lanoxin); blood pressure medicines; salicylates (such as aspirin, Tricosal, Disalcid, Dolobid, Salflex, Doan's Pills); cold medicines; lithium (such as Lithobid, Eskalith), ethacrynic acid (such as Edecrin); probenecid (such as Benemid).

This medicine can make your skin more sensitive to the sunlight. Try to protect your skin where possible.

Avoid becoming dehydrated.

If you are going to have surgery, inform your doctor that you are taking Lasix.

Do not stop taking Lasix suddenly.

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Simultaneous determination of losartan, EXP-3174 and hydrochlorothiazide in plasma via fully automated 96-well-format-based solid-phase extraction and liquid chromatography-negative electrospray tandem mass spectrometry. Inhibitors of the Cl-/HCO3- exchanger activate an anion channel with similar features in the epithelial cells of rabbit gallbladder: patch-clamp analysis. Effect of canrenone on the disturbances of cation handling induced by ouabain in macrophages and vascular smooth muscle cells. Changes in cell type composition and enzymatic activities in the hepatopancreas of Marsupenaeus japonicus during the moulting cycle. Effect of frusemide on urinary kallikrein excretion in the conscious rat: influence of adrenalectomy and DOCA treatment. Effects of a low-sodium diet on antihypertensive and natriuretic responses to acute administration of nifedipine. Potential of nuclear quadrupole resonance in pharmaceutical analysis. Subcutaneous interstitial fluid colloid osmotic pressure in dehydrated rats.

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Irreversible sensorineural hearing loss: an unusual side effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Decreased vasopressin-mediated renal water reabsorption in rats with compensated liver cirrhosis. Inhibitory effects of estrogen on stimulated salt appetite in rats. Membrane potential-dependent and carrier-mediated transport of cefpiramide, a cephalosporin antibiotic, in canalicular rat liver plasma membrane vesicles. Novel technique for extending the use of allografts in cardiac operations. Ascorbic acid transport in mouse and rat astrocytes is reversibly inhibited by furosemide, SITS, and DIDS. Pediatric applications of renal nuclear medicine. Comparative acute effects of diflunisal and indomethacin on renal function in patients with cirrhosis and ascites.

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Mechanism of urinary calcium regulation by urinary magnesium and pH. Comparative ototoxicity of furosemide and piretanide. The inducibility and ontogeny of rat liver UDP-glucuronyltransferase toward furosemide. A clinico-therapeutic study of the Bulgarian preparation fupiram. Chloride homeostasis differentially affects GABA(A) receptor- and glycine receptor-mediated effects on spontaneous circuit activity in hippocampal cell culture. Vitamin D intoxication: a cause of hypocalcaemia and acute renal failure in a HIV patient. Changes in taste reactivity to intra-oral hypertonic NaCl after lateral parabrachial injections of an α2-adrenergic receptor agonist. Treating hyponatremia in heart failure.

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Hemofiltration as treatment for patients with refractory heart failure. Postextubation pulmonary edema: an unusual cause of transient pulmonary edema. Lung ultrasound-guided management of acute breathlessness during pregnancy. The effect of antihypertensive treatment on kidney function in insulin-dependent (type I) diabetics with renal failure. Experimental liver damage by furosemide for studying drugs with hepato-protective activity. Myocardial necrosis in a newborn after long-term maternal subcutaneous terbutaline infusion for suppression of preterm labor. Segmental differences along the crypt axis in the response of cell volume to secretagogues or hypotonic medium in the rat colon. Induction of an appetite for sodium in rats that show no spontaneous preference for sodium chloride solution--the Fischer 344 strain.

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High channel-mediated water permeability in rabbit erythrocytes: characterization in native cells and expression in Xenopus oocytes. Two novel mutations of the gene for Kir 1.1 (ROMK) in neonatal Bartter syndrome. Medium-term results of multisite biventricular stimulation in severe cardiac failure. Loop diuretics in the management of acute renal failure: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Furosemide modulation of GABA(A) receptors in dopaminergic neurones of the rat substantia nigra. Cardiovascular collapse due to intravenous verapamil in two patients with persistent atrial tachycardia. Determinants of the transmembrane distribution of chloride in rat lymphocytes: role of Cl(-)-HCO3- exchange. Results of conventional treatment of severe congestive heart failure with vasodilators.

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A case of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia with sepsis and congestive heart failure--first autopsy report on Japan--. Physical-chemical properties of furosemide nanocrystals developed using rotation revolution mixer. Detection of plasma and urine furosemide based on online enrichment and restricted- access media coupled with high-performance liquid chromatography. Loop diuretic and ion-binding residues revealed by scanning mutagenesis of transmembrane helix 3 (TM3) of Na-K-Cl cotransporter (NKCC1). Regulation of muscle hydration upon hypo- or hyper-osmotic shocks: differences related to invasion of the freshwater habitat by decapod crustaceans. Transport characteristics of the apical anion exchanger of rabbit cortical collecting duct beta-cells. Modulation of thresholds to acoustical and electrical stimulation of the intact ear in guinea pig by furosemide and noise. Treatment of mitral valve insufficiency in dogs with the ACE inhibitor enalapril. A clinical progress study.

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Comparative efficacy of inhaled furosemide and disodium cromoglycate in the treatment of exercise-induced asthma in children. Creatinine, urea, uric acid, water and electrolytes renal handling in the healthy oldest old. Incidence of adverse drug reactions in adult medical inpatients. Prenatal binge-like alcohol exposure alters brain and systemic responses to reach sodium and water balance. Bioavailability, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of torsemide and furosemide in patients with congestive heart failure. Diuretic bioactivity optimization of furosemide in rats. Optimization of 64-MDCT urography: effect of dual-phase imaging with furosemide on collecting system opacification and radiation dose. Diagnosis and treatment of congestive heart failure secondary to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in a kinkajou (Potos flavus).

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Treatment of ascites in patients with liver cirrhosis without neither hyponatremia nor renal insufficiency. Results of a randomized study comparing diuretics and punctures compensated by albumin. Comparative study of the efficacy of potassium magnesium L-, D- and DL-aspartate stereoisomers in overcoming digoxin- and furosemide-induced potassium and magnesium depletions. Urea transporter proteins as targets for small-molecule diuretics. Atrial natriuretic peptide secretion in response to volume expansion and contraction in normal man. Distal Renal Tubular Acidosis Screening by Urinary Acidification Testing in Mexican Children. The furosemide test and vestibular status in Meniere's disease. Superoxide enhances Na-K-2Cl cotransporter activity in the thick ascending limb. Late effect of tobanum and tobanum + furosemide therapy on the glucose tolerance of patients and on the insulin response to oral glucose doses.

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Cognitive performance of school children with unilateral sensorineural hearing loss. Development of a steady electric current in neonatal rat lumbrical muscle. Simultaneous high-performance liquid chromatographic assay of furosemide and propranolol HCL and its application in a pharmacokinetic study. Evidence for (+)-cicletanine sulfate as an active natriuretic metabolite of cicletanine in the rat. Role of countercurrent multiplication in renal ammonium handling: regulation of medullary ammonium accumulation. Systemic lipopolysaccharide induces cochlear inflammation and exacerbates the synergistic ototoxicity of kanamycin and furosemide. Treatment of refractory hepatic encephalopathy associated with insertion of a transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt through new endovascular techniques: a case report. Bioanalysis of tobramycin for therapeutic drug monitoring by solid-phase extraction and capillary zone electrophoresis.

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